Daniele Ganser, Friedensforschung

Switzerland and the European Union back

Switzerland and the European Union
Clive Church
Title of chapter
Swiss neutrality: incompatible with EU membership?
A close, contradictory and misunderstood relationship
Author(s) of chapter
Daniele Ganser und Georg Kreis
Publication date
November 2006
United Kingdom

Contributors / Autoren

Alexandre Afonso holds a licence and a DEA from the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. He is currently involved in a research project on ‘the impacts of internationalization on Swiss policy processes’, funded by the Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research, in the framework of which he is writing his doctoral dissertation on Europeanization and policy concertation in three smaller European states.

Clive H. Church was educated at Exeter and London Universities. After a Ph D on French administrative history he went on to teach in Dublin, Lancaster and Kent where he finished as Jean Monnet Professor of European Studies and Director of its Kent Centre for Europe. His interests are in the European Treaties and Swiss politics. He is the author of ‘The Politics and Government of Switzerland’.

Paolo Dardanelli did his first degree in Turin but his MA in Durham and his Ph.D at the LSE. His thesis, which is about to be published as a book, deals with Scottish devolution in its European context. After having taught in Surrey and Royal Holloway Universities he is now Lecturer in Swiss and European Politics at the University of Kent where he teaches the UK’s only course on Swiss politics. He is Director of the University’s Centre for Swiss Politics. His interests are in federalism, European integration and Swiss politics on which he has published a number of articles and reports.

Cedric Dupont is a graduate of the University of Geneva. He has taught in Berkeley, Sion and Geneva where he is now Associate Professor at the Graduate Institute of International Studies. He is also Director of the Alpine Environment and Society Centre in Sion. His interests include Swiss and international trade policy and Swiss external relations on which he has published widely.

Daniele Ganser is a Swiss historian at Basel University. He was born in Lugano in Switzerland in 1972 and studied history, English and philosophy in Basel, Amsterdam and London. He received his PhD in history in September 2001 for a thesis on NATO's secret stay-behind armies and terrorism in Western Europe. His research, publications and teaching focus on international relations, secret warfare, the United Nations, NATO, the cold war, multinational companies and Swiss foreign policy.

Laurence Goetschel has a PhD from the Graduate Institute for International Studies in Geneva. He has been a researcher for Swiss academic institutions and the press, as well as being a Visiting Fellow at Harvard. He has also taught at the University of Berne, acted as a government advisor and directed a major research programme on Swiss foreign policy, now published by Routledge. He is now Director of Swiss Peace and Professor of Politics at the European Institute of the University of Basle.

Sieglinde Gstöhl studied International Relations at the Universities of St Gallen, Geneva and Harvard. She also worked for EFTA and as a referendum organizer in Liechtenstein. After teaching for several years at Humboldt University Berlin she is now Professor of Politics at the College of Europe in Bruges. Her main interests are in the field of the EU's external relations. She is the author of Reluctant European, Rienner, 2002.

Bettina Hurni was, until recently, head of the Geneva based Euro-Info-Centre of the Employers Federation of French Speaking Western Switzerland. Previous to this she was Director of Press and Information for EFTA. She has both a doctorate in economics from the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva and a Habilitation. She has also taught at the University of Neuchâtel, been a visiting Professor in Switzerland and the US and written widely on international economic questions.

Philippe Koch is presently finishing a licentiate on the europeanization of labour market relations in the Swiss construction industry as part of an MA in Political Science at the University of Berne. He has worked as both a research assistant in the PEMINT project (The Political Economy of Migration in an Integrating Europe) at the University of Berne and as a scientific assistant in the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs [SECO].

Georg Kreis studied History and geography in Cambridge, Paris and Basle, obtaining a Ph D and a Habilitation from the last. Since 1993 he has been Professor and Director of the Interdisciplinary Post-Graduate Institute of European Studies of the University of Basle. He has written widely on Swiss affairs and has been involved in a number of major Swiss research programmes in history and politics, acting as Director of that on National Identity. He was also one of the members of the Bergier Independent Commission of Experts on “Switzerland and the Second World War“. His research interests include nationalism and migration.

Sandra Lavenex is a graduate of the University of Constance and the European University Institute in Florence where she did her PhD on the Europeanization of Immigration policy. She has served as an Intern in Brussels and elsewhere. She has also worked in Konstanz, Zurich, Florence and now Berne where she is Assistant Professor. Her interests are in refugee policy in Switzerland and beyond and in Justice and Home Affairs. She has written and supervised research widely in these areas.

Martino Maggetti has a number of qualifications including a licence in politics from Lausanne and a DEA from the Universities of Lausanne and Geneva. He is currently a teaching assistant in comparative politics at the University of Lausanne and is preparing a dissertation on the functioning of independent regulatory agencies.

Yannis Papadopoulos - is Professor of Swiss politics and public policy at the University of Lausanne. He recently co-edited the Handbook of Swiss Politics, Zurich, NZZ Publishing, 2004, and has published extensively on the role of referenda and on the Swiss federal policy process. He is currently working on the impact of internationalisation upon domestic decision-making structures, and on accountability problems in multi-level governance systems.

Pascal Sciarini was educated at the University of Geneva where he is now Professor of Politics and Head of Department. Previously he was a professor in IDHEAP in Lausanne. He has been a visiting Fellow in a number of institutions and has written widely on Swiss politics and policy. He was also involved in a number of major Swiss research projects in politics. His main interests are in political values and decision making.

Christin Severin received her Masters in Economics from the University of Basle in 1997. She then worked in the Corporate Communications Department of Helsana, the largest Swiss health insurer. In 1999 she started to work for the Economics section of Neue Zürcher Zeitung, where is mainly wrote on financial matters. Since 2003 she has been London Economics Correspondent for the Neue Zürcher Zeitung.

Regula Staempfli: Trained as a historian and with a doctorate in political science Regula Stämpfli is currently working both as a political scientist in Brussels and as a part time Professor at the Swiss College for Journalism in Lucerne. She has published several books and articles on political decision making processes in Switzerland and in the EU, most recently "From voiceless to voter. The ABC of Swiss Politics" published by Orell Füssli, Zürich 2003, (in German).She is also a well known political commentator on current affairs in Switzerland.

Alexander Trechsel is a graduate of the University of Geneva who has taught there, in Kent State and Florence as well as serving on many research projects. He is presently Professor of Political Science and Swiss Politics in the European University Institute in Florence. He is also Vice Director of the Geneva Centre for Direct Democracy. His interests are in e-democracy, attitudes to European integration, methodology and Swiss politics. With HP Kreisi he is the author of a forthcoming work on Swiss Politics.

Rolf Weder is a graduate of the Universities of St Gallen and Basle obtaining his PhD and his habilitation from the latter. He has taught in Basel and British Columbia as well as been a business consultant. His interests are in comparative advantage, environmental economics and European questions. He is presently Dean of Graduate Studies in Basle and Professor of Economics and European Integration in its European Institute.